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4510R and PoE

I was wondering if there was any input as to a VoIP setup I am contemplating.

I currently have two Cisco 5513s (one is a L2 switch and one is a L2/3 because of an RSM). Those cannot support the voice vlan.

With that in mind I was hoping to replace them with one 4510R and one 4506.

The 4510R would have 2 Sup Vs in it and 8 WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V in it.

The 4506 would have a Sup V and 5 WS-X4548-GB-RJ45V in it.

I know that "best practices" say that I should buy two 4510R(S) to deploy the most fault tolerant config but I would be under a fairly tight budget.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: 4510R and PoE

Your plan is basically sound. However, the upgrade to the 4510R chassis is not that much more than the 4506. Its like your sending £101 instead of £99 - there wouldn't be that much in it. You coud then split your line cards across the two chassis and that would not require such beefy PSU's in the 4510.

You need to look at the switches/4510 section of the website and evaluate.

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Re: 4510R and PoE

So you are saying that if I opted for the two 4510R(s) then I could get away with only purchasing two Sup Vs (maybe even downgrade to Sup IVs), one in each chassis, for inital cost and then upgrade to dual Sup Vs in each at a later date?

This should fly with management I am just concerned that we might oversell the second 4510R since there aren't any "service" cards/modules for the 4500 series like there is for the 6500 series (which is really unfortunate in my opinion).

Thanks for the help!

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Re: 4510R and PoE

Yes. If I were you I'd run with the 4510R. You'd be crazy not to frankly. Chassis price differences are minimal - the expense is in the cards and PSU's.

If you can only afford a single supervisor in each chassis then perhaps get it agreed by your manager to upgrade to redundant Sups in next years budget. Or explain why it is so important and business critical that downtime is minimised. Yo want the PoE for voice right? How does the MD feel about no data OR voice if the chassis fails !!!



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Re: 4510R and PoE

Using the SUP-V, you can't use slot 10 so a maximum of 7x48-port linecards I'm afraid...

When using the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine V, 336 ports are supported. The 4510R can support up to 384 ports with future Superviosr Engines.When Supervisor Engine V is used in the 4510R chassis, Slot 10 (Flex-slot) will support a sub-set of linecards: 2-port GBIC (WS-X4302-GB) and Access Gateway Module (WS-X4604-GWY). This is due to the switching capacity of the Supervisor Engine V, and not a limitation of the 4510R chassis. Future Supervisor Engines will allow Slot 10 to accommodate any and all linecards.

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Re: 4510R and PoE

Using the latest 4510R-E chassis (same list price as the original 4510R) and dual SUP6-E supervisors overcomes this issue...

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