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4900M 8-port modules.

Hi all,

I'm trying to find some information relating to the over-subscription on the 8-port 10Gbps modules (e.g. WS-X4908-10GE) that are available for the 4900M. I've found that they have a 2:1 ratio, but cannot find out whether this is mapped port-to-port (i.e. port 1 and port 2 share the same), or whether this is actually the case. I recall long ago finding similar information for 10Gb interface on 6500 modules hence assume there is  similar information relating tot the 4900 modules.

Can someone provide any information relating to this, I'm planning an installation where I'd be using 4 port of and 8 port module regularly, with the other 4 being redundant links and want uncontented throughput on the regular ports.



4900M 8-port modules.

Hi Nick,

On the Catalyst 4900M you can find the port-mapping of the 8-port 10GE module with the command show hw-module module port-group command.

If you run this command you'll see that port-group 1 serves ports 1 and 2, port-group 2 serves ports 3 and 4, port-group 3 serves ports 5 and 6, and port-group 4 serves ports 7 and 8.


Community Member

4900M 8-port modules.

Thanks Steve for the speedy response. I don't have a module installed in a chassis available at present so can't check this command but at least I've a starting point for port usage.

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