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6500 Dual Sup 2 hybrid MSFC upgrade


I`m about to upgrade the MSFC only on a 6500 Sup 2, currently 12.1(26e). The CATos is not required to be upgraded, 7.6(9)

Its currently set up to run in SRM mode for redundancy.

I know I have to copy the IOS to both sup`s, but was wondering when reloading the primary will the backup msfc kick in or would both be reloaded at the same time ( as opposed to one reloading then the other ?? )

Also I`m assuming the hosts connected to this box will only lose L3 gateways and the primary CATos sup stays up ?

If anyone out there with any experience of this could let let me know that would be great.


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Re: 6500 Dual Sup 2 hybrid MSFC upgrade

Hi Friend,

I will recommend you to first reload the standby msfc after upgrade.

By this I mean when you upgrade the image on both the msfc then you set the boot path for new image on active msfc and do wr mem to ensure that the standby MSFC startup configuration gets the boot information.

Then go to standby MSFC and reload it so that standby msfc get reloaded and comes up with new image and stay in strandby mode and then finally reload the active msfc which will get reload and comes up with new image but will go into standby mode because your earlier sdtandby msfc will now become active and you will get a very minimal downtime as SRM is configured.


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Re: 6500 Dual Sup 2 hybrid MSFC upgrade

Thanks for that infomation, seem like the way forward.


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