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6500 Error

I have 6509 chasis with Sup2. Cat OS 8.5(7) & IOS 12.1(27b)e1 on MSFC2 with 2 nos of 16 port 10/100/1000 module ws-X6516-ge-tx.Also Cisco 7500 with 1 VIP-4-50 RM5271 controller having 1 STM1 ATM port & 2 Fast Ethernet ports.I have hardcoded Speed & Duplex on both 7500 Fast ethernet.Also hardcoded speed & duplex on the module in 6509 chasis. When i connect the fa of 7500 to the 6509 Switch module port it gives me an error which is attached in the attachment.Can anyone pl. comment to resolve the issue.

i have checked swapping the module port 4 & 5 also changed the cable patching but still same error is coming.


Re: 6500 Error

Here is the explanation of error messages you are getting in log.



Explanation: This message indicates that a port error has been detected. [dec]/[dec]

is the module number/port number, [chars] is the port counter name, and ([dec])

is the counter value. These error messages are used to track the interface errors

using the port counter error detection. To turn off this feature, issue the 'set

errordetection portcounters disable' command.

Recommended Action: This error indicates a bad cabling/patch panels, or bad NICs

in some cases. Use the show mac and/or show port commands to identify the incrementing

error counter. Check the duplex settings, MTU and/or cabling between these ports

and their destination devices.

%SYS-4-SYS_LCPERR4 (x1):Module [dec]: QChip Red Used Count Overflow Error,



Explanation: This is a debugging message for Cisco development purposes. [dec]

is the module number, and [hex] is debugging information.

Recommended Action: If the error is limited to a single module, replace the module.

If the error occurs several times, contact your technical support representative.

%ETHC-5-PORTFROMSTP (x5): Port [dec]/[dec] left bridge port [dec]/[chars]


Explanation: This message indicates that the physical port was disconnected from

the logical port. [dec]/[dec] is the module number/port number, and [dec]/[chars]

is the module number/port range.

Recommended Action: No action is necessary. This message is provided for information


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