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6500 File System Nomenclature

I used to know this, but now I forgot.

What is the difference between sup-bootdisk: and bootflash:?

I have a 6503 with a SUP-32 module and this is part of the output of the "dir all-filesystems" command:

Directory of bootflash:/

1 -rwx 28986820 Aug 27 2008 12:56:02 +00:00 s3223-ipbasek9-mz.122-18.SXF14.bin

65536000 bytes total (36549052 bytes free)

Directory of disk0:/

1 -rw- 27957700 Sep 19 2008 15:45:02 +00:00 s3223-ipbasek9-mz.122-18.SXF5.bin

511705088 bytes total (483737600 bytes free)

Directory of sup-bootdisk:/

1 -rw- 28986820 Jul 22 2008 01:55:24 +00:00 s3223-ipbasek9-mz.122-18.SXF14.bin

256462848 bytes total (227475456 bytes free)



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Hall of Fame Super Blue
Hall of Fame Super Blue

Re: 6500 File System Nomenclature

Jon, I told you I knew it once! LOL...

Im telling you, man...the early Alzheimers is in full swing. That, plus Im rushing to take my girlfriend to a Halloween party and I dont have a costume yet! Had no time to look it up again. Stress!!!! I think I'll just put some clear plastic wrap over my face and go as a monster! LOLOL ;-)

By the way, it's nice to know that you thought well enough of my answer to want to save it. I do get off a good one every now and then, dont I? lol

[EDIT] Jon, there is one thing that my answer doesnt answer with regard to this situation...there seems to be a mix of terminologies. On the one hand I have a sup-bootdisk: and on the other a bootflash: And I know that the bootstrap program is what dictates how it views the memory allocation (either as a "flash" or "disk). So, could it be that the SP-ROMMON is coded to recognize its associated flash memory as "bootflash:" while the RP-ROMMON is coded to recognize its flash as "bootdisk:" [EDIT]

Am I talking sh-t?

Cheers, buddy.

Hall of Fame Super Blue

Re: 6500 File System Nomenclature


If you don't know how the hell am i meant to know :-)

Seriously i used to know what every file system entry meant but i too am getting somewhat forgetful. Think i have some notes somewhere i'll try and dig out.

In the meantime aren't you meant to be rusing off to a party ? Come on Victor, we all like 6500 switches but does it really compare to your girlfriend and a good party :-)

Have a good one.



Re: 6500 File System Nomenclature

Jon, right you are, mate!

I have found my costume and in an hour or so I will be engaged in lewd and lascivious conduct -- and loving it!!!

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