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6500 Multicast Error Message

We have started getting the following error code in our pair of 6513 core switches.

'error in multicast throttle logic'

The above error is being entered every few seconds.

We have recently changed from sparse mode to dense mode multicast due to an application that does seams not work correctly when running in sparse mode multicast.

Does anybody know what the above error message mean?

Cisco Employee

Re: 6500 Multicast Error Message

What version of code are you running on these switches?

Typically 'error in multicast

throttle logic', are cosmetic messages and were introduced as a result of a

previous code change.

There are a couple of internal bugs that have been filed to remove these

messages in the logs (CSCsk18102, CSCsl72962). The messages are

triggered under different conditions, such as when a route to a PIM RP

is learnt, when some flows are temporarily software switched with an RPF

change, or if a clear ip mroute * is issued.

The fix for removing these log messages will be in one of the versions

of SXI code which was released recently.

You can view details of CSCsl72962 below and track its status as well:

Community Member

Re: 6500 Multicast Error Message

Thanks for the info but unfortunately I get the following message when I try and access the bug reports on

Information contained within bug ID CSCsl72962 is only available to Cisco employees.

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