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6500 Series Core Switch Port in to Errordisable state ....

Dear All,

We have Core switch 6506 with 2 Line Module of 16 Port GBIC in each and 2 SUP 2.

Now the proble is : Today morning 4 Port goes in to errordisable state. Logs shows that it is due to Unidirectional link.

I have checked fiber patch cord , fiber core and also GBIC ( also changed ). But the same problem is there as i enable it again enters in errordisable state.

than I have shifted them to another module port with same GBIC and same Fiber core. All link are working now.

So what could be the problem......?? I suspect to be the problem of Hardware in perticular Port. If so than what could be the remedy .......... ??? What should be the steps to avoind this prob. in future.???

Pls guide me .......



Re: 6500 Series Core Switch Port in to Errordisable state ....


First of all here is the link of unidirectional link detection:

I suspect that the problem is hardware based. Put, if you can, the GBIC that is functioning on port that goes in error disable this way you are sure that the problem is on the port.

I hope this helps.

Best regards.


New Member

Re: 6500 Series Core Switch Port in to Errordisable state ....

Hi Massimiliano,

Thanks for replying,

Ya I have checked that GBIC that si functioning on Port goes in errordisable and Its working in another port so Problem shold not be with GBIC or Fiber Link- It should be with Port Hardware ????

So what could be it.? Can we isolate or what should we can do in this case to prevent this in future ?

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