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6500 Sup1a and Sup2 simultaneously for migration

Our 6509 Switch currently has 2 SUP1a's that I am replacing with 2 SUP2's MSFC2/PFC2.  I was wondering if I would be able to temporarily put one of the SUP2's in the secondary slot used by the standby SUP1a in order to program it prior to having to bring the entire switch offline, or would this cause major problems and cause both modules to come online causing a spanning tree loop or other catestrofic event when both modules try to take control of the other switch modules?  If not, is there any way short of getting a spare chassis to power up the Sup2 for programming prior to bringing my whole core switch offline?  What about some way to connect an external power supply directly to the new module, is this possible?        

Cisco Employee

Re: 6500 Sup1a and Sup2 simultaneously for migration

You can't mix the SUP1A with the SUP2 in the same chassis. So the answer is no to put the SUP2 into the chassis with SUP1A for preparation of the config. It is quite possible that you can cause a spanning tree loop with native VLAN mismatch if you decide to work on the config of the SUP2 in a production environment. And there isn't any way of configuring the SUP without the chassis. Here are your only 2 options I can think of:

1) get a spare chassis and power and pre-configure the SUP2

2) pull out all the modules and disconnect all uplink when you are inserting the new SUP2, get the configuration into the switch and re-insert the other modules (this can get very complicated to avoid issue).



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