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6500 Switch Booting Probloem


One of my customer had a problem with A/C and the room tempreture reached almost 50 C. We came to the site and saved the configuration, took a abckup and shutdown the switch.

After the A/C problem is resolved, we tried to power-on the switch .. and we found that it is going to the rommon.

I put "boot" command to boot from the bootdisk, but I am getting the following error:


Initializing ATA monitor library...

loadprog: error - on read during ELF program load

requested 98504724 (0x5df1014) bytes, got -47 (0xffffffd1)

boot: cannot load "bootflash:s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI3.bin"


I tried to search it, But it is resulting in that most probably it is a hardware faliure on the SUP.

Any idea ?


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6500 Switch Booting Probloem


That guy had to reformat his sup-bootdisk.

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6500 Switch Booting Probloem

boot: cannot load "bootflash:s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI3.bin"

Something is not right with this statement.  Are you sure you put your IOS in this and not "sup-bootflash:"???

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6500 Switch Booting Probloem


There can be a problem with sup-bootdisk or the IOS file itself. In ROMMON - try doing "DEV" command to see all memories you have.

If you have PCMCIA disk0/slot0 0 try to see if any image is there "dir disk0:" or "dir slot0:". And then try to boot it with "boot disk0:FILENAME".

You can take PCMCIA card from any other working switch - it is not impacting as long as that switch is booted. And then boot from that disk0 and the image on it.


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6500 Switch Booting Probloem


below is the output of dev command:

rommon 2 > dev

Devices in device table:

        id  name

bootdisk:  boot disk                 

    disk0:  PCMCIA Disk 0             

    disk1:  PCMCIA Disk 1             

    eprom:  eprom                     

      usb:  USB  

I can not see sup-bootdisk, althoug in the secondary core switch which is typicall the same as the existing one has the image on the sup-bootdisk.

Is it possible to download the image on USB and try to boot from USB since I have this option ?

If I has to format the bootflash .. What are the procedures ?


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6500 Switch Booting Probloem

I tried to boot from USB, and it is givining me the below error:

rommon 1 > boot usb:s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI3.bin

Loading image, please wait ...



*** Open Error = -1

loadprog: error - on file open

boot: cannot load "usb:s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-mz.122-33.SXI3.bin"

What other option should I try ?

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Re: 6500 Switch Booting Probloem

Hi Haytham,

Check if the image is checksum is correct and maybe try to download it again to be safe you got a working one. ELF errors are generally indicating incorrect file size.

Also, it would be a good to format a PCMCIA flash or usb under the same platform in case the current formatting is incompatible. And if still fails, there is a chance the DRAM has issues, so loading file to the DRAM from flash fails. This symptoms most often point to flash problems, though.

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