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6500 XML Interface issues

We are using a Catalyst 6500 CSM to load balance several different sets of web servers. We have an automated deployment system that disables real servers so that new content and code can be rolled out. When the code is rolled out the server is re-enabled. Unfortunately this system involves a script that telnets to the CSM and issues the commands on the command line; making it a very weak component that is prone to weird errors.

Our company is looking into writing a script library that is able to talk to the switch using the XML interface available in the CSM. I have looked through the documentation and I have a couple questions:

1. Is there any way to ?read? status information from the CSM via this interface? The XML interface looks like a write-only API and I would like to be able to request the current configuration for a given server farm from the switch.

2. How can I remove a real server from a server farm? I would like to do the XML equivalent to the following

SJC-6509-A#configure terminal

SJC-6509-A(config)#module contentswitchingmodule 8

SJC-6509-A(config-module-csm)#serverfarm SJPRDMMRT.F

SJC-6509-A(config-slb-sfarm)#no real

Thank you

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Re: 6500 XML Interface issues

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Re: 6500 XML Interface issues

I have already gone through the documentation and picked through the DTD in detail and I can't see any way of either reading status data back from the switch or removing real servers from a server farm. The XML interface seems to just be a way of posting a configuration file that just happens to be in XML. Does anyone know if there is a way to programmatically manage the switch having to connect via ssh? It seems like the xml interface is pretty ineffective.

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