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6506 switch rebooted


Recently i had an issue that my 6506 switch got rebooted thrice in a week, from the logs it could see that the PS1 was failed peramnently. power supplies are in redundant config and the switch was working in PS2.

I could see also PS2 failure count and PS1 failure counts but not sure is it when the PS2 failed the switch got rebooted since it could not swap to PS1 which was turned off.

I have configured snmp trap for envpower but no logs were captured in syslog server.

I suspected there had been power source falure at that point of time but could not check since the failure was unexpected and now the same is not happenning also.

Please if some one could help me in sorting out the issue since i want to know the root cause of the same.

I am attaching the logs captured along with it.

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Re: 6506 switch rebooted

As you pointed out if PS1 is not operational and PS2 has a problem the chassis will be reset. There are no logs to keep track when the power supply failures were. From the output we can see the supervisors did not crash.

Enabling the syslogs will only help in a redundant power supply environment were a single power supply has the fault. If there was a power fault to a single power supply it would be like pulling the plug yourself. The switch would not have the opportunity to record the log and transmit it to the syslog server.

If there were power feed issues, you may be able to see other devices in the same location have reset as well.

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