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6509 blade shut down with errors

We have a 6509 that had a blade down this morning with the following errors shown below.

Every port on the 48 port blade was down. I first di a shut/no shut on each interface.

This brought up the interfaces but they would not pass traffic.

I pulled the blade and plugged it back in, not sure if this was the correct course of action, but the ports passed traffic after that.

My questions are:

1. Is there any way to do a shut/no shut on multiple interfaces at once?

2. Could this have been a STP issue and what would have been the correct way to resolve it?

The whole blade, possible hardware?

I did not see any errors pointing hardware in the logs, only these two errors on each port:

May 18 07:21:35.410: %PM-SP-4-ERR_DISABLE: packet-buffer error detected on Fa5/14

, putting Fa5/14 in err-disable state

May 18 07:21:44.869: %C6K_POWER-SP-4-PD_NOLINKUP: The device connected to 5/14 i

s powered up but its link is not up in 5 seconds. Therefore, power is withdrawn

from the port.


Re: 6509 blade shut down with errors

With regards to disabling and enabling multiple interfaces in one go you can use the interface range command.

config#interface range f5/1 - 24


config-if#no shut

I am not sure about the issue itself though.

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Re: 6509 blade shut down with errors

We're seeing the same issues on WS-X6148-GE blades. Our support provider is stumped, though we've found a quick fix is to reset the module and it runs okay after that. Did you ever find out what caused this?

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