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6509 HSRP active / standby routing failure.

I have two 6509's using WS-SUP720-BASE (supervisor engine).

The ROOT bridge for all our vlans are split across the two switches.

Vlans are load balanced over the two switches and each vlan is

monitored through HSRP. For example: -

6509-1 6509-2

vlan 100 priority 8192 vlan 100 priority16384

vlan 200 priority 16385 vlan 200 priority 8192

vlan 100 vlan 100

HSRP active HSRP standby

vlan 200 vlan 200

HSRP standby HSRP active

If any vlan on 6509-2 is up and in an active state then the HSRP virtual ip and vlan addresses stop

responding to requests from other networks. To get around the problem I have had to change the HSRP

priority of all vlans on 6509-1 to make them all active.

Any ideas whats going on?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 6509 HSRP active / standby routing failure.


I am not sure that I understand your description of the problem. When you say that it stops responding to requests from other networks, are you saying that devices on the VLAN of 6509-2 can not get out, or are you saying that devices from other networks can not get in?

In general it sounds to me more like a problem with routing on 6509-2 than a real issue with HSRP. Perhaps if you post the actual config from both switches for VLANs 100 and 200 and whatever routing information, then we might see something.



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