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6509 Logging Buffer Size Recommendation ??


Can anyone recommend a safe, general purpose logging buffer size for a 6509?  There seems to be a lot of discussions around this topic but I haven't found anything 'official' regarding a best practice for this.  I would like to use 128000 and don't really see any issues with that but I am just curious if anyone has knowledge of any Cisco approved configuration.  I do realize that this number is dependent upon the switch configuration, so I am just looking for some general guidelines at this point.



6509 Logging Buffer Size Recommendation ??

Depends a great deal on what you're logging and what freqency messages occur, but I've always felt 128K or 256K were good, reasonable numbers. 

I posted a blog article about it here -

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6509 Logging Buffer Size Recommendation ??

Thanks for the feedback and that blog is very helpful.  I would agree that logging is often overlooked until it is needed during an outage  I am trying to standardize my logging confogurations and 128k (131072 bytes) looks like a good place to start...

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6509 Logging Buffer Size Recommendation ??

128k or 256k is OK.

You also may want to try using a logging server. 

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Re: 6509 Logging Buffer Size Recommendation ??


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Consider "best practice" whatever size you need as long as it doesn't take so much RAM it's adverse to normal device operation.  (Default values are from when device RAM used to be counted in K.)

In current generation devices, I find 64KB usually meets both objectives, but 128KB is likely to be fine too.

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