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6509 monitoring session experiencing a large packet loss

Hello all!

I have been searching the message boards and wasn't having much luck.

I am running some monitoring sessions on my 6509 and on the VLAN I am monitoring, I am experiencing a really large packet loss.  If we hook up a laptop to the destination port and run wireshark we are seeing between 80% and 90% packet loss.  I dont see the packet loss on the show port command, but I do on the show int vlan command.

The config is as follows:

Session 2


Type                   : Local Session

Source VLANs           :

    RX Only            : 500

Destination Ports      : Gi3/29

    Ingress & Learn    : Gi3/29

Egress SPAN Replication State:

Operational mode       : Centralized

Configured mode        : Centralized (default)

I was doing some reading on Egress vs Ingress and I am wondering if the Egress SPAN replication state could be causing the packet loss that we are seeing or does the ingress & learn command override that?

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