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6509 QoS, VPN with SIP/SPA

We are implementing a EVPL connection to our DR site and moving away from X 2 DS3s.

I would like to have more control over traffic shaping on the EVPL link and my understanding is that this can be done with a SIP/SPA configuration.

We currently have an 8 port GBIC blade in our 6509 that is linking fiber to trunk all VLANs to another 6509 in our main site and providing links via fiber to our SAN environment.

My thinking is that I could do the following, but not sure if it is possible:

Remove the 8 port GBIC blade and replace with a 6500 series SPA carrier

Install a IPSEC VPN SPA on one side of the SIP

Install an 8 port Gigabit SPA on the other side of the SIP

Would this allow me to use the 8 port SFP connections in place of the GBIC blade for the existing  connections and use the VPN/QoS capablities for the new EVPL connection?

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Re: 6509 QoS, VPN with SIP/SPA

Hi Richard,

I'm afraid there aren't any 8port GigaEthernet SPAs. There is a 5port and 10port model (SPA-5X1GE) and (SPA-10X1GE).

Both SPAs required the installation of 7600-SIP-600. This SIP requires that you have a minimum version of 12.2(33)SXI.

This will allow you to configure HQOS in the 6500 for your WAN connection.

As for the VPN piece, you need a Service SPA Carrier (WS-SSC-600) and the Service SPA (WS-IPSEC-3).

This will provide the encryption service in the 6500. Minimum software requirement is the same as the GigaEthernet SPA (12.2(33)SXI).

For more information, please refer to the Release Notes:

and the hardware configuration guideline:



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Re: 6509 QoS, VPN with SIP/SPA

Thanks Edison,

Does the 5 or 10 port allow me to use the ports for anything I would like?

Including configuring trunk ports, or uplinking devices directly to the 6509 via the SPA?

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Re: 6509 QoS, VPN with SIP/SPA

Hi Richard,

Yes, you will be able to configure all Layer2 features found on regular line cards but I highly recommend you only use these ports for QoS services as the port cost is rather expensive



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