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6509 questions

Hi switch gurus,

My background is with 3750's and I just started working on a couple of 6509s. I am hoping that the gurus

here can help me with the following questions. I have pasted the relevant information at the end for your

reference. Thanks for your help, insight, and education in advance.

(1) Am I running in the hybrid mode? CATOS running on the Supervisor 720 and IOS on the MSFC3?

(2) How do I know if I have the Switch Fabric Module?

(3) What is the WS-F6700-CFC module on my blades?

(4) What are some of the daughter cards that I can put on my SUP720?

(5) If I need to switch from hybrid mode to native IOS mode, do I have the necessary Hw/Sw running on my blades on the 2 switches?

(6) Can someone please send me a URL where I can find updated information on differences in features between hybrid and native mode operation? I have, but this is a year old.



Re: 6509 questions

1. Yes catos and IOS are hybrid.

2. 720's have a built in SFM .

3. CFC, central forwarding card , these are the normal non-distributed forwarding which will not give full utilization of the SFM .

4. Not sure what you are asking here , you have to see what you want and make sure the code supports it .

5. Don't have that handy.

Cisco Employee

Re: 6509 questions


In addition to Glen's post Please find the reply below:

4. On Sup 720, the daughter cards as MSFC and PFC, which are already there and you cannot put any other daughter cards on it.You can use a wide variety of modules to work with Sup720.Please see the release notes below for the same.

5. Please see the release notes and you will be able to find the neccessary SW/HW compatibility. I am sure that your Sup720 has all the necessary Hw/SW so you can go ahead and upgrade it to Native.Please see the link below of Conversion:

6. Here is another document for the difference:

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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