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6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

The secondary supervisor 1a (with MSFC1 and PFC) boots up ok and a console connection shows that it is in standby mode. However if I do a show mod (in CATOS version 7.6(7)) it shows a status of other even though the msfc shows status standby. How can I determine what is going on with this module and what the other status actually means?


Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

It could be anything take a look at this link, it is possible it is in rommon> , is this switch configured as single router mode?

On the secondary sup does the MSFC1 shows Mod 16? if so issue session 16 to get into that MSFC.


Check this link as well


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Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

The secondary MSFC (mod 16) shows up in standby and is accessible via a session 16 command. It is the secondary MSFC itself that I am concerned about since it is showing status other as shown below:

show mod

Mod Slot Ports Module-Type Model Sub Status

--- ---- ----- ------------------------- ------------------- --- --------

1 1 2 1000BaseX Supervisor WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE yes ok

15 1 1 Multilayer Switch Feature WS-F6K-MSFC no ok

2 2 2 1000BaseX Supervisor WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE yes other

16 2 1 Multilayer Switch Feature WS-F6K-MSFC no standby

Unfortunately the link you provided is not really of help since it is the sup itself and not the msfc that shows status other.

Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

show mod information helps,

check the following:

on switch issue " show test all " and note the output of module 2 diagnostic test status.. , could you make sure you have highavailability enabled as well as highavailability versioning enabled by "show system highavailability" and see if these are enabled.

Also take a look at the module itself STATUS LEDs and reference the tables mid way down on bellow link.

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Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

Module 2 tests all show good (see below). The status lights are all green with the exception of the active status on module 2 which is amber. My show system highavailability shows enabled but versioning is disabled. I didn't think I needed versioning unless I wanted to run differant versions on each sup. I know the software is the same on both modules, but the firmware and hardware are slightly differant versions. Do I need to enable versioning?

NPT 6509 VLT> (enable) show system highavailability

Highavailability: enabled

Highavailability versioning: disabled

Highavailability Operational-status: ON

NPT 6509 VLT> (enable)

Mod Port Model Serial # Versions

--- ---- ------------------- ----------- ----------------------

1 2 WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE *********** Hw : 3.8

Fw : 5.3(2)

Fw1: 5.4(2)

Sw : 7.6(7)

Sw1: 7.6(7)

WS-F6K-PFC ********** Hw : 1.1

Sw :

WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE *********** Hw : 3.8

Sw :

2 2 WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE *********** Hw : 3.2

Fw : 5.3(1)

Fw1: 5.1(1)CSX

Sw : 7.6(7)

Sw1: 7.6(7)

WS-F6K-PFC *********** Hw : 1.1

Sw :

WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE *********** Hw : 3.2

Sw :

Module 2 : 2-port 1000BaseX Supervisor

Module 2

Earl IV Status :

NewLearnTest: .

IndexLearnTest: .

DontForwardTest: .

DontLearnTest: .

ConditionalLearnTest: .

BadBpduTest: .

TrapTest: .

MatchTest: .

Ingress/EgressSpanTest: .

CaptureTest: .

ProtocolMatchTest: .

ChannelTest: .

Loopback Status [Reported by Module 2] :

Ports 1 2


. .

Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

I would suggest to try off business hours to re-seat the standby module, I have see issues with standby whereby re-seating the module fixes the issue, if this does not fix the standby other status TAC case would be the next step.




Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other


Did you resolve this issue? If yes , how did you resolve it ? I am having similar problem where sup shows status as "other" but MSFC is "standby".

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Re: 6509 Redundant Sup1a status other

I haven't come up with anything conclusive, however at this point the theory is that we somehow managed to upgrade to a CAT OS Version 7.6(7) that requires more than the 64 MB's of Dram that we have on the supervisor. It seems that the newer images (I think most if not all in 7.6 or higher all require 128 Mb's of Dram. The strange thing is that everything other than the stanby sup listing status other seem to work.

The strange thing is that we have been running this version for years and other than the status other, have not really encountered any issues.

I have not found a final solution, but a couple options are as follows none of which are really enthusing me.

1. Downgrade to an older CatOS version (not an option since all the images that support 64 MB's of DRAM do not support the IDSM2 blade we have.

2. Upgrade to 128 MB's of Dram. This would initially seem like the easiest solution, however the Sup1 with MSFC with 64 MB's of DRAM is not upgradable to 128 MB's of DRAM without replacing the MSFC with a MSFC2 at the same time). This makes this upgrade for 2 modules very expensive.

3. Switch to Native mode software. I am still waiting for confirmation on DRAM support but it seems Native software will run with only 64 MB's of DRAM, but this will require a complete rewrite of the configuration to go to native mode.

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