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6509 Upgrade

Just wondering the thoughts of everyone with regards to upgrading 6500's in out Network.

Currently we have 2 6509 with 1 Sup1A in each chassis. They run Catos/ios.

We are looking at putting in 2 new 6509-E chassis with 1 Sup720's in each chassis, this will then run IOS.

My question is what is the best/recc'd method of migrating these into the network. They will have to be installed directly into the existing cabinets, as the cabling is all in place with the power. We could perhaps try and move across as many services off one 6509 and upgrade one of these and run in parrallel, if we do this I understnad there might be a couple of issues with VTP and STP.

Your views and past experiences are most welcome.

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