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6509 Using CatOS - QOS Policing

Dear All ,

We are usng a Cisco 6509 running CatOS 7.1(2) to apply QOS Policing for Rate Limiting. The QOS Configuration we usually use are as follows :

Example : Subnet = / 24

" set qos policer aggregate Example_Dwn rate 256 burst 64 drop

  set qos ploicer aggregate Example_up rate 64 burst 32 drop

  set qos acl ip Dwnload dscp 0 aggregate Example_Dwn ip any

  set qos acl ip upload dscp 0 aggregate Example_up ip any "

The above configuration illustrate that Subnet / 24 will be have a Policy applied with 256 Kbps for Download & 64 Kbps for Upload.

Lately , When we tried to Submit a New Subner ( / 24 ) to apply new Policy for this Subnet , We were prompted with the below Error :

" Aggregate plicer table is full. cannot add additional entries.

Failed to set qos policer for aggregate Example2_Dwn "

Any CatOS Expert can give us a Hand with this issue ?

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Re: 6509 Using CatOS - QOS Policing

what are the SUP and PFC on the chassis? Any DFC in the chassis? Different PFC and DFC have different number of aggregate policer. Normally, it is 1023. The number of aggregate policers is the same for native and hybrid.

It looks like that you run out of aggregate policer. Show tech of the switch is help.

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Re: 6509 Using CatOS - QOS Policing

Dear Dixho ,

I just checked the SUP = WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE and the PFC = WS-F6K-PFC Version 1.1.

I copied the number of the Policier Lines to a Notepad File and i found that we reached 1023 Lines as you mentioned.

I attached  "show tech" for reference.

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