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6509E with 12.2(33)SXI3 possible memory leak in Pool Manager process ?

We seem to be losing 10K-30K of memory a day.  "Show process mem sorted" shows the Pool Manager process Holding count constantly increasing, but Freed count remains at 0.  Although this is our only 6509 runnning 12.2(33)SXI3, our other 6509s running 12.2(18)SXF5 show the Pool Manager process with a relatively small Holding count, and a larger Freed count.  Does anyone know if an increasing Holding count along with a 0 Freed count for the Pool Manager process might indicate a memory leak.  We have not been able to find a bug report for our specific symptoms.

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Re: 6509E with 12.2(33)SXI3 possible memory leak in Pool Manager


This is good info and according to this document (link below) holding does not necessarily equal allocated minus Freed because some processes allocate a block of memory that is later returned to the free pool by another process.

Just as on FYI:

We just upgraded 10 6509-E to SXI3 this week and one bug I found is: if you have duel Sups in your devices and use ISSU to upgrade, after the upgrade the device looses it's crypto map key for SSH and you loose connectivity to the box.  So, you have to recreate a new SSH crypto with a different name that originally was on the box to be able to gain access to the box via SSH.  Another issue we noticed is that when you run high amount of, 10000 the utilization on the process goes up to 80 to 90%.

The bug id for the SSH issue is CSCtc41114



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