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877 & 887 Traceback when I SSH into router

Hi All

Hope you have the time to help

I have a TCL script that I run on both 877 and 887 routers that checks the ADSL upstream bandwidth and alters the vbr-nrt every 24 hours so my percentage based QOS policy uses the correct upstream.

This works fine, however, once the script is run, if then I SSH into the router, I get the below traceback;

Feb 20 12:19:19.225 GMT: %SYS-2-FREEBAD: Attempted to free memory at 84401C80, not part of buffer pool -Traceback= 0x81FF552Cz 0x82E439E8z 0x820278F8z 0x82930648z 0x82924C08z 0x804DF340z 0x804C6260z

If I SSH again, I get no further traceback. If I manually run the TCL and then SSH, I do get the message.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before? Happens on both model routers

I am using

Version 15.1(1)T on 887 and Version 12.4(24)T4 on the 877

Below is the TCL script.........


# -------- get current dsl upspeed (either fast or interleaving) -------


set upspeed ""

set s2 ""

foreach s [split [exec "sh dsl int atm0 | inc peed"]] {if {$s != ""} {lappend s2 $s}}

if {[lindex $s2 4] == 0} {set upspeed [lindex $s2 5]}

if {[lindex $s2 5] == 0} {set upspeed [lindex $s2 4]}


# return $upspeed

# return $s2



# -------- apply upspeed taken from line and apply to int atm0 bandwidth command and vbr-nrt ------


ios_config "interface atm0" "bandwidth $upspeed" "pvc 0/38" "vbr-nrt $upspeed $upspeed"


# -------- now exit out of PVC mode ------------


ios_config "interface atm0" "pvc 0/38" "exit"

ios_config "interface atm0" "exit"






# ------ save config -------


exec "wr mem"

Thanks Guys

Feel free to use the TCL for your own kit


CCIE 16499

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