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891W ISR: Can't do initial setup?

I'm new to using Cisco Config Professional Express but a lot of things are just "off" with this utility.  But my problem for this post is specifically the 891W's internal access point, or initial access to it. 

My situation is that I have some 891W's.  It's my first time working with them, as well as with CCP Express (2.5).  After isolating the router and my PC to their own network, using the IP my PC got via DHCP frmo the router I opened a web broswer and connected to the router.  The initiial configuration wizard came up and I went through the various screens.  One of those screens had basic config info for the internal wireless AP which I provided.  Somewhere in that screen it asked for a Hostname for the AP, and a password.  It doesn't askfor a username though.  To ensure I wouldn't run into confision, I made sure to set every password I ever get asked to configure as the same thing so the AP's password was also the same. 

However after I finish with the wizard, the java-based CCP Express begins prompting me for first the main router credentials which I provide and it gets the router config, then it prompts mefor the username/password for the Access Point.  First of all, the initial config wizard had never asked me for the username for the access point, only the hostname, and the password.  I had assumed it was just going to use the main router username, or perhaps a blank username. 

In any case, nothing I type ever works.  I've used cisco/cisco, or a blank username with my new password, or the same username as the main router with the password ---- nothing.  This is now the 4th time I have completely Reset the router to factory defaults and while I appreciate learning the use of CCP Express through reptition, I'd also like to get this thing configured and out the door so my customer can use it. 

Can anybody assist?  I imagine this is a common prlblem since I am doing everything by the book with really no room for error so far. 


Re: 891W ISR: Can't do initial setup?


You can try to use Cisco Config Professional, not the Express version which is installed on the router and is more limited.

Here is link to Basic Router Configuration with CCP.

Best regards,


EDIT: If you want to configure it using CLI and provide more details you can get help too.

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891W ISR: Can't do initial setup?

Thanks Alex I will give that a look.  I'm not really sure about what I am doing with the AP so I will need to read more background info too but will start with your link.  I had set the AP's IP, hostname, password, ssid, WPA and key etc, but when I load CCP Express it repeatedly prompts me for user/pass for the AP - I fear I will need to reset it somehow but hopefly your link will have that info.  If not, ugh, I do not want to reset the entire router yet again just to make the AP let me log in. 

I will update this thread with my progress or any further questions.  Thank you! 

891W ISR: Can't do initial setup?

Yes please update your progress to resolve your issue. Here is link to basic wireless setup in CLI and some links to web interface:

Best regards,


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