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A new Switch Core - VTP Server


I'll set up a second switch core on my network and i'd like know if can I put it like a VTP server, on the same VTP domain. I already have a Switch Core and it is a VTP server.

Will I get problems if I put the second Switch like another VTP server? What should I do? The second switch will work like a redundant switch.



Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server

No actually its good to have 2 so if one goes south you have a backup . Just make sure when you insert the vtp revision number on the new one is lower than the currently installed so the vtp database is not overwritten .

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Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server

what configuration should I do on the new one?

VTP mode server ?

VTP domain "my domain" ?

VTP passowrd "my password" ?

what about the revision number? Can I change it?

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Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server

Configurations should be the same as your core. To reset the revision number, just change the vtp name and change it back. You can check the revision with 'show vtp status'.


Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server

Hi There

If this is indeed a "NEW" switch, out of the box and has never taken part in a VTP domain previously, then the configuration revision number should be set to zero. You can check this with the "show vtp status" command. If this is the case then add it to your VTP domain by configuring the VTP domain on the switch. Make it a client and configure your password and you should be good to go.

Also spare a thought for how your spanning tree configuration may change with the addition of a new switch to the network.

Best Regards,


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Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server

One more note... make sure you check your VTP status on a switch before you connect it to your network.

This is the easiest way to bring every bit of traffic on your network to a screeching halt. If your VTP server's config gets overwritten because a 'new' switch has a higher revision # somehow (you were testing config changes perhaps?), you will get a number of phone calls immediately!

I like the idea of changing the VTP domain that somebody mentioned earlier...


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Re: A new Switch Core - VTP Server


So I'll configure my NEW core, with the same configuration of the old Core.

VTP domain name "xxxx"

VTP mode server

VTP password "xxxx"

If the NEW has the revision number higher the old, I change the domain and change it back.

Am I right?


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