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A question about remote-span vlan

Hi Cisco experts,

I configured a remote-span vlan on a catalyst 4500 series switch. Two ports, say A and B, trunk the vlan. Then I sent packets on port A and monitored the packets on port B. What I observed is as follows:

1) If I didn't modify the packets sent to port A, these packets can be flooded to port B.

2) If I truncated the packets, they can't be seen on port B.

Later, I tried to use a local span session to mirror port A's packet to port B. In this scenario, packets were always seen on port B, no matter whether they were truncated.

I also tested the remote span vlan on Extreme's switch. It can flood both original and truncated packets to port B.

So my question is:

1) Is there any checks on truncated packets in Cisco's switch?

2) If there is, how to configure it?

Thanks very much!

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