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a weird website...enough said....HELP!

Here is the deal. I am certain that this doesnt belong in this category, but i trust the security people more than anyone.

I have a website that i cant access from a certain subinterface. I logged onto the guest VLAN and able to get to it.

It has always worked until the other day.

I know your might think it has to be a DNS issue, but i dont think that is the case. Let me reinterate there is NO WEBSENSE OR WEB MONITORING services on.BUT if it is a DNS issue, our dns is hosted on ONE server. a Windows 2003 server which host our dhcp and dns. How can a server hosting a dns prohibit access to only ONE website???

HOWEVER, on the guest VLAN, it is using the same outside subinterface as my vlan.

Crazy! What could it be! Help!!!


Re: a weird website...enough said....HELP!

Definitely doesn't belong here.

But, click on "start" in the lower left of your screen, then click on "run", type "cmd" in the run box and hit enter to open up command prompt.

In the command prompt window type "nslookup" and hit enter. Type in the website address, write down the IP address it resolves to. Connect to your other network, do the same thing, see if the IP address is the same or different... That will tell you if it is a DNS issue. If the IP is the same, no DNS issue, if it is different, or doesn't respond with an IP at all, it is a DNS issue.


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