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New Member

Able to see switches in cdp neighbor , but not able to telnet or ping from desktop

Hi Guys,

I'm able to take access to Core switch 1 , but not able to telnet to Core switch 2 which is in HSRP.

Also is can ping and telnet Access switches from Core 1 , but not able to ping or telnet from my PC.

Attached is the configuration file of Core 1 and Core switch.

Guys need your help at earliest.


VIP Purple

Ok so you have no telnet or

Ok so you have no telnet or ping access from the local pc , start with that , when you trace to the ip address your trying to reach where does it stop ?

Also non of your vlans are up yet at layer 3 so these switches are not doing any intervlan routing or general routing , whats doing the layer 3 routing the , whats this ?

New Member

Hi Mark,

Hi Mark,

The devices are directly connected to these core switches.

Also all the Vlans are UP , but still it was not working until one command was entered -

'ip routing'

And everything started working.

Thanks for your help.

VIP Purple

Oh ok the output you gave all

Oh ok the output you gave all your vlas were up/down at layer 3 meaning there still down but exist at layer 2 in the data base , ip routing allows intervlan routing so its required to move traffic between vlans

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