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Access Point Issue

I have an AP Aironet 1242 in my LAN. I want this AP to pick an address from the DHCP server and give to my wireless users.

My wireless users can see the wireless network,connect to it but the AP is not giving out addresses to any wireless users,its says acquiring address and immediately shows limited connection and that`s all.

What will I configure on the AP so that it get the address from my DHCP server and give to my wireless clients.

Your response will be greatly appreciated,thanks alot.


Re: Access Point Issue

The AP does not pick an address, it merely forwards the dhcp request. Aquiring an address via dhcp is solely between the requesting host and the dhcp server.

There are two options:

1: The wireless network is bridges to the wired lan, the AP will bridge the dhcp broadcast packets and it will work.

2: The wireless lan is on a different vlan. In this case, the router for this subnet needs to be configured with an ip helper address for the dhcp server.



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Re: Access Point Issue

Are you saying that i should use my AP as a bridge instead.

Will the AP be given a static address?

Please reply thanks.

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Re: Access Point Issue

I have a sample configuration for you to use, if you need it, email me at

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