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Access Port config shortcuts

I was curious on how some of you guys set up your access ports say on a 48 port switch and if you use any shortcut methods. We usually stack our 48 port switches and can have 10-12 in a stack with ascending port descriptions 101-a, 101-b and so on. Right now I just do an interface range command and enter my port configs but then I have to go back to each individual port and enter in the description. W/O having to go in a text doc and write it all out and then copy and paste, are there any other methods to do a nice clean port config with descriptions? I heard someone mention pivot tables or something from excel... not sure what they meant.

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Re: Access Port config shortcuts

If I had to do 10-12 switches I'd probably write a perl script to output the config to text file, than copy and paste the contents of the text file back in the switch. Not sure if you're familiar with scripting so this may not be an option.

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Re: Access Port config shortcuts

Yeah not to familiar with scripting but it does sound like something I might want to look into. Thanks for the tip!

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Re: Access Port config shortcuts


You can use smartport macro feature of the Cisco IOS to get it done.

HTH, Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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