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ACL for Intel ANS probe?

We started noticing increase of ANS probe broadcasts on our network - above 22% of traffic now from only 10 vendor machines out of over 300. None of those actually talk to a port-channel (etherchannel) on the switch side(using single 1Gb connections only). What would you recommend as a remedy? We'd like to keep this kind of broadcasts to a minimum.

Thank you!


Re: ACL for Intel ANS probe?

A limitation of storm control is supported only on physical interfaces. It is not supported on EtherChannel port-channels or physical interfaces that are members of port channels, even though the command is available in the Command Line Interface (CLI).

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Re: ACL for Intel ANS probe?

I'm currently looking at the same issue at one of my campuses. The servers aren't in their own VLAN and are therefore flooding the user network (about 25% of all traffic in a capture) with Intel ANS probes. It not killing us, but what is best practice for basic server NIC teaming configs from a networking perspective (not talking load-balancing/etherchanneling)? Broadcast or Multicast these Probes? the attached document (pg 15) from Cisco in 2004 says...disable probes? Any guidance is appreciated.



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