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Adding 2nd Supervisor Engine

What is the procedure on a Cisco 7613 to add a 2nd supervisor Module (WS-SUP720-3BXL). This is a working router.


Re: Adding 2nd Supervisor Engine

it depends on what your architecture is , single 7613 trying to accomplish redundant sup and MSFC3 in a SRM ?

Generally as in any chassis in the 6500 and 7600s, Sups installation as secondary redundant blade you must worry about having same CATOS versions and same hardware feature in terms of PFC MSFCs doughter cards to accomplish high availability.

Look into your primary sup catos and ios current code , high availability is by default enable in software version 8.5(1).

ON 7613 slot 7&8 are designated .

And as in any change/blade installation in a network infrastructure, back up all your configuration from both the switch and router.



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Re: Adding 2nd Supervisor Engine

No MSFC and it will be inserted into slot 8. I already have the disk loaded with the correct IOS, This 7613 is used for just layer 2. I just want to know what I will need to do once I have inserted the new SUP card, can I reload that card to put it into service without affecting the other sup card?

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