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New Member

Advise on switches


I will have a simple setup with 4 buildings and 1 core building. The core building switch is connected to the router and to the Internet. Each building users will be on a seperate VLAN connecting to the core building. We need seperate VLANs just to minimize the virus outbreaks when there is any to limit the users to be affected.

No intervlan routing is needed between the buildings.

I would like to know what switches I can order for this setup and can all the switches be in same IP range?

Please advise


Re: Advise on switches

access switches dependes on the number of users u have

and u cants put them on the same ip range becuase u need to sparate them and also they will have one internet exit point so u need to put them in diffrent ip range i mean the vlans..

u will creat vlans on the access and core switchs

and u have two options for sendind traffic out to the internet without intervlan routing

either by making SVI without enabling routing on the core switch and make a routed interface belong to each vlan and connected to the router but inthis case u will need three physical interfaces

or creat three subinterfaces on the router and conncted to a trunk link on the core switch

and dont do any routing on the router

but if the router interface gose down all three building will lose the internet!!

have a look at the following link to findout which swithcs suit u

good luck

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