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After a power shortage one switch in stack is provisioned

Hello guys,

we have a stack of 6 switches. After a power shortage one of them changed to provisioned;

#sh switch

Switch/Stack Mac Address : 0012.80ae.3880

                                           H/W   Current

Switch#  Role   Mac Address     Priority Version  State


1       Member 0015.c656.f080     15     0       Ready              

2       Member 0015.6231.0280     1      0       Ready              

*3       Master 0012.80ae.3880     1      0       Ready              

4       Member 0025.8310.4e80     1      0       Ready              

5       Member 0025.8310.7c80     1      0       Ready              

6       Member 0000.0000.0000     0      0       Provisioned 

What I want to do is to delete the vlan.dat and config.text on the flash of that switch;

#show flash?
flash1:  flash2:  flash3:  flash4:
flash5:  flash:  

#show flash5

Directory of flash5:/

    2  -rwx       54060  Aug 19 2013 09:23:37 +02:00  config.text
    7  drwx         192   Mar 1 1993 01:23:44 +01:00  c3750-ipservicesk9-mz.122-50.SE3
    3  -rwx        3855  Aug 19 2013 09:23:37 +02:00  private-config.text
    4  -rwx        1516   Mar 1 1993 01:01:33 +01:00  vlan.dat
    5  -rwx       54043   Aug 6 2013 11:14:15 +02:00  config.text.backup
    6  -rwx        3855   Aug 6 2013 11:14:16 +02:00  private-config.text.backup
  430  -rwx        4120   Mar 1 1993 01:02:27 +01:00  multiple-fs

Then I want to reboot switch 6. As I want it to join the stack I don't see any reason to use the "no switch 6 provision ws-c3750g-24ps" command.

Will this work?

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Cisco Employee

Re: After a power shortage one switch in stack is provisioned

Trey reloading the Switch 6 and check if that is joining the stack?

Also provide me the logs seen onthe stack switch?

Check the cable connectivity.

Reason for provisiosned


Ports are assigned in the stack running-configuration, but no switch with the port numbers Fa3/0/1, G3/0/1, and so on, is detected in the stack. If a switch that previously joined a stack is removed, the port numbers remain in the running-configuration, and the missing switch is shown as Provisioned.

The Provisioned state might be caused by a switch that is no longer connected to the stack or be the result of manually preprovisioning the related ports. See the Catalyst 3750 or the Catalyst 3750-E switch software configuration guide for more information on preprovisioning switches in a stack.




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