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All pings timing out after 2 responses

Hi all,

I have recently installed a new Cisco SG 300-10 switch--running in layer 3 mode--to function as a basic router for a new subnet installed at one of my company sites. To make explaing things easier to explain, here is a simple diagram:


When we attempt to ping devices on the subnet from the subnet, each device gives 2 responses and then times out continuously after that. If we wait long enough (thus far, an undetermined period of time) and reattempt to ping the same devices, the same thing occurs. Otherwise, we get nothing but timeouts. This occurs regardless of where we connect in the subnet including VLAN1 on the SG 300-10. However, if we connect into VLAN 2 on the switch and assign a static IP, those same devices respond continuously.

I was thinking that this must be a security setting of some kind but I'm unable to locate anything in the SG 300-10 that would appear to cause this. Does anybody have any thoughts?



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All pings timing out after 2 responses

Im curious as to how you have a subnet with hosts in the class D multicast address range.  I dont believe you can use class D addresses as source IP's for anything.  Are you just changing the IP addresses in your diagram/post to protect your real information?   Are you able to create a loopback on the sg 300 and ping that?  could you post some configs?  Its hard to determine where the problem is, but i would start with the configs on your new device the sg300

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