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New Member

Allow RTP traffic to pass through different subnets

I'm having trouble setting up a two-radio system. We have a location on a subnet and everything local functions correctly. But we also have a remote site that has an antenna and that remote site can communicate with the main location except with RTP. Below is a crude version of the setup to help visualize it.


radio --> Cisco 3560 -->3750--->3750---(ATT Gigaman)--> 6807 (main data center) ---(TWC Point-to-point)--> 4507 (remote core) -->3560-->radio


As I said I can ping, ssh, communicate in every way possible between the two locations but at the remote site the radio is unable to communicate via RTP.


Any suggestions or ideas on what the problem could be? I was advised to create span ports from remote to home and run wireshark each time to see where it fails, but the remote site is an hour away and I'd like to avoid the 2hr drive to try that.

New Member

Just in case anyone else

Just in case anyone else encounters this issue what I had to do was enable multicast through the entire path between the radio at the remote site and the server at the main site. We narrowed the multicast to the VLAN's that were going to be passing the radio traffic.

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