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%AMDP2_FE-3-UNDERFLO: FastEthernet3/0 transmit error

What is the exact cause of the following error in syslog ?

%AMDP2_FE-3-UNDERFLO: FastEthernet3/0 transmit error

The Cisco lookup statues "no action required" and "the system should recover" but I have a management that believes it's a serious issue that requires some kind of action.

How can I determine the root cause or what information can I provide to management from Cisco to put this issue to rest ?

%AMDP2_FE-3-UNDERFLO: FastEthernet3/0 transmit error

While transmitting a frame, the local buffer of the controller chip received insufficient data because data could not be transferred to the chip fast enough to keep pace with its output rate. Normally, such a problem is temporary, depending on transient peak loads within the system. The system should recover.

So what's actually happening on the wire between FA3 on the router and the Switch that triggers this ?

If I put a sniffer on can I expect that the the expert mode will show me anything ?

Or is this happening in the "chip" of the router as the Cisco output states ?

Any insights into this particular error would be very greatly appreciated.




Re: %AMDP2_FE-3-UNDERFLO: FastEthernet3/0 transmit error

Thus the error occur too often? Does CEF enable? Who is the technical person who can make decision anyway? Some people can comment about nuclear energy but they don't understand how it works.

All documents regarding this error says the same thing as what you have found out. You may need to open a TAC case and let a Cisco TAC Engineer to explain to the big shots that it has nothing to do with their stocks in the company :)

What is the device model and IOS version anyway? There's an open caveats for some Cisco device model and IOS regarding this error. See

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