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An example of question.

I have found the following question:

Which feature is required for multiple VLANs to span multiple switches?

a. A trunk to connect the switches.

b. A router to connect the switches.

c. A bridge to connect the switches.

d. A VLAN configured between the switches.

Correct answer by the author: a.

It is obvious that the answer is not really correct, because I can span multiple VLANs to multiple switches with only access ports too. Of course, with a trunk I can use less ports, but this is not explicit in the question and the text use the term "required". It is also true that the other answers are really not correct. I wondered if this type of misunderstanding could happen at Cisco exams.


Re: An example of question.

A trunk link is required to carry multiple VLANs. And access link can only carry one vlan well two if on is for VoIP.


New Member

Re: An example of question.

yes , you are corect

but i think the qustion ask about vlan database to span vlan database between multiple switches with VTP you must configure trunk

VIP Super Bronze

Re: An example of question.

Cisco calls this a Multi-Vlan access port, and not a trunk port, but no matter how you look at it, it is trunk port.

Cisco Employee

Re: An example of question.

Yes, such questions will be seen. Its like choosing

which is the correct option in choices given, we don't have to look for the exact answer. But in the question here the answer is A as thats what is needed to span MULTIPLE vlans between MULTIPLE switches (assuming that the vlans are defined on all the switches).


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