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Anyone else having issues with the switch updates?

I went to use that funky new explorer like interface that cisco put on the switch downloads (what was wrong with the directories? was that too complicated for someone?) I personally found the old file directory worked much better.

and the attached screen shot is what i got.

I was in the 3550 section, 12.2.35 SE1 (by the drill down on the top) but 12.2.25 SEE1 was highlighted in the left pane with 2960 12.2.35 SE1 in the right pane.. somehow this doesn't do me a lick a good when i want 12.2.35 for the 3550.

thinking it was an issue with firefox, i switched to IE and got the same thing.. this looks so weird, I don't think that 2960 file is the right load for the 3550.. or am I wrong, is it the right load?



Re: Anyone else having issues with the switch updates?

Not sure looks ok when I went in , don't see a problem , the latest code is 12.2.25-SEE4 . I see one that says previous release of 12.2.35 but I believe it is a older release , don't really understand their naming convention with those versions and why they released a 12.2.35 version when everything else is 12.2.25 . Do not have a problem with the download page though all there is is 3550 images .

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Re: Anyone else having issues with the switch updates?

the whole naming convention is weird.. wait.. how do you see a 12.2.25 see4..

I see a 12.2.5 seb4, see2, seb2, and sec2

someone will have to explain how a seb4 is newer than a see2 ... and a seb2 is newer than a sec2... i think i'm gonna give up and call tac and ask them what gives.. I've never seen this so messed up in 12 yrs of doing cisco stuff. Normal alphabetical progression should show the latest release. ahhh good thing we're going to simplified model..


Re: Anyone else having issues with the switch updates?

Yeah simplified , now you get to pay for everything . :-)

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