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Arecont Vision IP Camera AV 2805-AI becomes offline after connecting cisco 3750-TS switch

We have an issue with Arecont Vision IP Camera AV 2805-AI  IP Camera , when it connects to Cisco 3750 switch

The particular type of camera is not working on specific 3750v2-24TS switch stack. As soon as we connect the camera, it is reachable for few seconds and then it stops pinging and responding. The MAC address is removed from the MAC table, but the switch port status will be up (connecetd).

These cameras are connected to 3750v2-24TS switch through media converter.

Below troubleshoot we performed till now,

  1.       Connected the camera directly to the switch on the same port. It will bypass the media converter and cables, still issue is persistence.
  2.       Replace camera with other model (the same model is not available), it worked fine.
  3.       Connected the non-working camera to other port on the same stack, still it didn’t worked.
  4.       Connected the non-working camera to another 3750v2 stack, it worked fine.

From above all, we can’t come to conclusion that it is compatibility issue between this camera and 3750 switch as it worked at other places. Also we can’t say the camera is faulty as it is also working fine on another 3750 switch stack. The issue doesn’t point to any physical issue as they have also been either tested or bypassed. Also we can’t say the switch is faulty, as other kind of camera or even laptop worked fine on the same port. 


Expecting the help from all you people.. adding the data sheet of product.




   Did you try playing with

   Did you try playing with the speed/duplex settings on the port and camera ?  Is the media convertor set as auto or is it hardcoded ?  I suspect it is one end or the other with the speed and duplex settings which may be different between your stacks.  Check settings for the end between your camera and media convertor  and also on the end between the media convertor and the switch . Must match for each connection. Media convertors can be a pain sometimes.  read the specs on how they should be setup .

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