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ASA 5510 Subnet routing on and between interfaces

We are adding an additional pair of subnets to our network and are wanting to attach it to a separate interface on an ASA 5510

In summary we have:

interface 0 : outbound

interface 1 : serves  (IP =

interface 2 : serves (IP =

Interface 2 is intended to have 3 subnets :  10.1.0.x,10.2.0.x,10.3.0.x

SNAT rules are in place for each of the subnets to have traffic to the 192.168.x.x. IPs on int2  as well as reciprocal rules from int1.

Same security level trafic is enabled between interfaces and if I set the devices to 10.0.0.x addressing, versus the subnet10.1.x.x, traffic flows fine.  It appears tha for some reason it is not possible to have multiple subnets communicating.

I have tried creating all shapes and forms of dynamic as well as exempt rules in the NAT tables.

The packet testing shows that flow is good and should be working, but there is actually no traffic.

At this point I have xhausted my knowledge base and would like to ask how this should be findamentally configured.

You feedback is immensely appreciated. My apologies if this isn't the right forum to post in, but I felt it was appropriate due to it being a routing issue.


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ASA 5510 Subnet routing on and between interfaces

Can you show your config and topology?

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