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asa5520. load balance using rip. per-packet or per-dest?

Hi I think i know the answer to my question but i haven't found any documentation to back it up so i was hoping for confirmation here. I have an asa5520 using rip. the outside interface is connected to a vlan that has two 2811 routers on it that are also using rip. the asa learned 2 default routes to each of the ip addresses configured on the routers f0/0 interfaces. since each of the default routes in the asa have a admin distance of 120 and a cost of 1 it should be load balancing. I'm curious to know if this is per-packet or per-destination. I load up a snmp traffic grapher and i don't see a mirror traffic pattern between the two routers.

Cisco Employee

Re: asa5520. load balance using rip. per-packet or per-dest?

The ASA will do the per-destination load-balancing to both the routers.

-amit singh

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