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Hi All

I have a question about below message.

I think the most problem is came from BUS. Do you have any experience about this error message?

We got this message sevral times.

TK_PDSN#2 uptime is 2 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 28 minutes

System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x608C734C, address 0xAB1234CE at 12:14:09 indones Thu Oct 16 2008

System restarted at 12:15:45 indones Thu Oct 16 2008

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Re: Auto-Reloaded

Hello Yongsik,

use the following link as a reference for further investigation:

Hope to help


New Member

Re: Auto-Reloaded

Hi,Mr giuslar

As you knew what kind of our problem and thank you for your reply.

But i have another question to you about log message.

This message occured from System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x608C734C, address 0xAB1234CE. But i could not find any Crash info in our tech-support logs. And then, And you metioned that message has been occured other log message is Last reset from watchdog reset and PCI bus mb0_mb1 (Slots 0, 1, 3 and 5) has a capacity of 600 bandwidth points.

Current configuration on bus mb0_mb1 has a total of 600 bandwidth points.

This configuration is within the PCI bus capacity and is supported.

So, do you think that the problem is memory problem or other problem?

if your opinion is other problem like IOS software or hardware, how do we fix this problem? is the best solution to change the new IOS software? Now we were using c7200-c6is-mz.123-11.YF4 and then we will have a plan to change to c7200-c6is-mz.123-14.YX13.

What do you think? when we change to IOS this problem will be gone?

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Re: Auto-Reloaded

Hello Yongsik,

I remember your issue it was related to watchdog trigger on a process taking too much cpu time.

About the message:

"System returned to ROM by bus error at PC 0x608C734C, address 0xAB1234CE"

This is quite a standard message used in many platforms and it is not related to the usage of the I/O buses in the C7200.

To make an example it can be seen on platforms that don't use an I/O bus but have a switching fabric like GSR or C7600.

So I/O buses are not a problem and they are under the BW points limits.

To understand what kind of error is this we need to look at how the memory is mapped. This is provided by sh region

! from sh tech of pdsn2 (6 november)

------------------ show region ------------------

Region Manager:

Start End Size(b) Class Media Name

0x0E000000 0x0FFFFFFF 33554432 Iomem R/W iomem

0x60000000 0x7DFFFFFF 503316480 Local R/W main

0x60008FF4 0x622F7323 36627248 IText R/O main:text

0x622F8000 0x6391EF7F 23228288 IData R/W main:data

0x6391EF80 0x63FCE57F 7009792 IBss R/W main:bss

0x63FCE580 0x7DFFFFFF 436411008 Local R/W main:heap

0x7E000000 0x7FFFFFFB 33554428 Iomem R/W iomem:(iomem_cwt)

0x80000000 0x8DFFFFFF 234881024 Local R/W main:(main_k0)

0xA0000000 0xADFFFFFF 234881024 Local R/W main:(main_k1)

then we need to understand in what part of memory the declared address ends:

0xAB1234CE this is part of:

0xA0000000 0xADFFFFFF 234881024 Local R/W main:(main_k1)

Now using the link

Because the address is valid the document says there is an hardware problem.

I'm not able to use the output interpreter on your sh tech because it is too big to locate the HW component.

Hope to help


New Member

Re: Auto-Reloaded


I added more our troubleshooting status.

PDSN#2 and PDSN#3(7200 VXR using PDSN) have the same IOS software version. but PDSN#3 didn't show bus error message but PDSN#2 displayed bus error message. I didn't understand they have the same configuration and version and also they have same hardwares.

so the PDSN was using c7200-c6is-mz.123-11.YF4.bin IOS, my plan will be upgraded to c7200-c6is-mz.123-14.YX13. Is that no problem?

Could you see my attached 'tech-support' file?


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