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auto-sync standard

In 4507 with two SUP's.. What does this command do? Here's what Cisco has to say about that command

"During normal operation, the startup-config, boot variables,

config-registers, and VLAN database configuration are synchronized by

default between the two supervisor engines. In a switchover, the new

active supervisor engine uses the current configuration.

To manually synchronize the configurations used by the two supervisor

engines use auto-sync standard"

But I still do not understand what does that mean and what will it do.. If the config's and sync by default, why do we need manaul sysnc?

Thanks in advance..


Re: auto-sync standard

Follow these guidelines and restrictions when creating and modifying VLANs in your network:

Before creating a VLAN, put the Catalyst 4500 series switch in VTP server mode or VTP transparent mode. If the Catalyst 4500 series switch is a VTP server, you must define a VTP domain. For information on configuring VTP, see "Understanding and Configuring VTP."

The Cisco IOS end command is not supported in VLAN database mode.

You cannot use Ctrl-Z to exit VLAN database mode.

This URL should help you:

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This enables automatic

This enables automatic synchronization of the active Supervisor card configuration to standby Sup.

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