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Automating backups and batch commands

I've been looking around for a tool that will allow me to backup configurations of all my network devices (switches, routers, firewalls, access points, and bridges - IOS) and also allow me to push out commands to all of them or a selected subset of them. Googleing around I found and tried the following:


Kiwi Cattools

I downloaded an evaluation of both and really like netdonkey. I have heard some things about Cisco Works doing some similar things and more, but it's pretty expensive in comparison to netdonky and kiwi (netdonkey being the cheapest). Anyone else using something different that achieves what I am looking for (preferably for free)?


Re: Automating backups and batch commands

We use Solarwinds NCM. Very nice, but it does cost money. I wrote some VBScripts that you can use with SecureCRT to download or make config changes. Examples can be found at


Re: Automating backups and batch commands

RANCID is the best tool, bar none. It is even better than Solarwinds NCM. Can NCM backup DNS, PostFix, sendmail as well? My guess is that it can NOT.

By the way, RANCID is FREE. It also has a very small foot print. It took less than an hour to setup on a Linux environment. It also has very nice interface to compare current and previous configurations

Not sure why people do not use this tool and pay for comercial software when RANCID is a much superior product.

Re: Automating backups and batch commands

I don't like to respond to posts like yours, however, yes NCM can backup anything on a Linux box. In fact it can backup anything that has a CLI. There are reasons people use commercial products; proper support, security and bug fixes, government regulations, etc. I do agree with you that RANCID is a viable option.

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