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Hi All

If we have auto negotiation set at the Switch level for a printer connection, can it result in the printer loosing connection form the network intermittently?

If I leave the switch setting at auto-negotiation, does it mean that from time to time, the ports on the printer and switch will be auto negotiating the speed and duplex at which they want to send data. And thereby affect connectivity. The printer is connected to a DHCP Server. Can this affect connectivity?

Is it proper for me to set a fixed speed/duplex at the Switch level to get continuous connectivity for the printer?

When I do a ping -t, I do get dropped packet from time to time



Re: Autonegotiating


Auto-negotiation would not detect the correct configuration on both side sometimes due to

compatibility, hardware limitation, software bug ...

Most of cases the issue is resolved by hardcording duplex set up on both side.

Specially when the device connected to port is printer...It is always better to set up hardcoded duplex.



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Re: Autonegotiating

the settings on the switch must match how the printer is setup , if the printer is hardcoded with a specific speed/duplex then the switch must be hardcoded also . If the printer is set as auto for speed and duplex then the switchport must be set as auto for speed/duplex. If you are getting dropped packets then you probably have a speed/duplex mismatch , you need to check to see how the printer is setup whether it is auto or is it hardcoded and match the switchport .

bjw Silver

Re: Autonegotiating

In my experiences the Auto-Auto setting is the most desirable. We do the same here, DHCP - Autuo-Auto. When auto-negotiation has issues in our case, it has consistently been 1 of 3 things. 1. Bad/questionable wiring/patch cable. 2. Bad/Questionable NIC/interface on printer/print server and lastly 3. NIC/Interface firmware on the printer/print server.

Hope this helps.

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