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Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files

Hi everybody,

I really will love to show my appreciation to all that are part of this forum, thanks for sharing your experiences with others.

Please how can I back up the IOS images and configuration files of my company's routers and switches.

My company uses 2800series, 1800series, 800 series routers and 2960/2950 series switches.

How do I connect the equipments for backup assuming for instance i want to back up to a system (a laptop or to a file folder on a system), thanks.


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Re: Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files


Firstly you need a tftp server. If you haven't got one attached is a zip file with one in called tftpd32.exe. It runs on most versions of windows. Just unzip file and then double-click on tftpd32.exe.

Then you need to telnet/ssh onto router and from enable prompt

1) To save the IOS -

router# copy flash tftp

you will be prompted for file from flsah to copy and tftp server IP address.

2) To save config

router# copy run tftp

this will save your running config.


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Re: Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files

Hi Jon

Thanks for your time and contribution.

Can I back up the ios image and config files of a router that is on production. hope it will not disrupt the operation of our network. i want to be sure of this before i proceed with backing up the ios and config files to the tftp server.

Secondly, one of the cisco 2800 series router we use in one of our branch office suddenly developed a problem, when i accessed it via console, i got message: "flash file cannot be found"

I believe someone tampered with the flash while the router was on production.

we replaced the router with a spare we had.

Is it possible to load the flash file from another cisco 2800 into this malfuntioning cisco 2800?



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Re: Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files


You should be fine doing this on a production router cerainly the config. If the IOS is large and the network busy you may want to do this out of peak hours.

Yes you could either

1) copy IOS from working 2800 to tftp server

copy IOS from tftp server to 2800


2) Set up the working 2800 as a tftp server using the "tftp-server .." command.



Re: Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files

Using tftp is UNSECURE. That's why SecureCopy

(aka scp) was invented. Scp is available in


Re: Backing Up My Router IOS & Config Files

i agree tftp is unsecure. An alternative could be using Cisco IOS Resilient Configuration feature to back up IOS and running-config on the router. This is assuming that you have enough memory (using PCMCIA or ATA disk) on your devices.

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