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Backup Configuration for 3560 and 3750

Hi guys, 

I couldn't make any test yet, but my doubt is about to copy a configuration and paste in the switch 3560 or 3750, the encrypted enable secret  its affected in any way?


Hi @edersonpassaura,You mean

Hi @edersonpassaura,

You mean that if you paste the "enable secret ..." from one switch to another it will be different in the last switch?

If so, the answer is no. This is because you can specify with the number "0" or "5" if you're going to paste the password as encrypted or non-encrypted. For example:

  • When you type the "enable secret test" in the CLI, the router will show it up as "enable secret 5 $%lL%&@" when you type the show running-config command, for example. The number "5" in the ouput means that the password is being encrypted using MD5.
  • If you want to paste that encrypted output into another device you cannot forget the number "5" because this is what tells the devices that the output is being pasted as encrypted. If you paste it without the "5" you have to type "$%lL%&@" to enter the device instead of just "test".



Martin, IT Specialist

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Hi @Martin, I´m a student of

Hi @Martin, 

I´m a student of networking computer, and I just started to work with, so I trying to make some procedures for backup and recovery. Some times to make it easier we just paste the whole configuration from one device to another.



Ederson Passaura, IT Analyst 

Cool. I'm just telling you

Cool. I'm just telling you the points you have to make sure with. Usually in the CLI, the enable secret password comes with a number that identifies if it is encrypted or not:

0 for "none"

4 for "SHA"

5 for "MD5"

Some examples:

enable secret 0 P@ssw0rd

enable secret 4 g1rTD89b38NIXbGJse.zLc7Cega1TBTlKQNvYDh9Qo6

enable secret 5 GJse.zTBTlg1rTD89b38NIXbKQNvLc7Cega1YDh9Qo6


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Martin, IT Specialist

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I got it,Tanx !

I got it,

Tanx !

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