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Bandwidth limit per host

Hi guys

I have about 300 users,all of them are using internet but I want to limit each specific host to specific bandwith with my cisco router.


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Re: Bandwidth limit per host

Off the top of my head, using CBWFQ, you could define a class for each host and police or shape its traffic rate with a dedicated class. Two problems with this approach, not sure CBWFQ would support 300 classes (256 max?), and would be a problem to maintain.

e.g. (note syntax will be off)

ip access-list extended user1

permit ip host x.x.x.x any

ip access-list extended user2

permit ip host x.x.x.x any

class-map user1

match access-list user1

class-map user2

match access-list user1

policy-map traffic-control

class user1

police 8000

class user2

police 10000

serial x

service policy traffic-control out

Perhaps you might consider trying to control or prioritize the different types of traffic without regard to all your specific hosts. For instance, you could limit or deprioritze p-2-p traffic such that it would have little impact to more important traffic.

e.g. (note syntax will be off)

class-map low-priority match-any

match protocol BitTorrent

match protocol Gnutella

match protocol Kazaa2

match protocol eDonkey

match protocol Fasttrack

match protocol Napster

policy-map traffic-control

class low-priority

bandwidth percent 1

serial x

service policy traffic-control out

Also note, you can be very effective with outbound traffic control, much less so inbound unless you can configure the router on the other side of your Internet link.

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Hello everyone:

Hello everyone:

Is it possible to set a minimum and a maximum amount of bandwidth for each host or group of hosts?

I understand that policing sets the maximum.



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Yes it is, if platform supports CBWFQ, just add bandwidth statements to what I posted.  (NB: only for output/egress.)

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