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Bandwidth Reservation


i have a 2600 router with two fastethernet interfaces.

Fas0/0 is connected to to the line from my ISP with 18M bandwidth.

Fast0/1 is connected to the local network.

we have 32 public ips.

my question is "Can i split the 18M between ips, for example can i give the ip x.x.x.x a reserved bandwidth of 2M ??"



Re: Bandwidth Reservation

If you simply want to share bandwidth aproximately equally between all your IP's, then simply applying fair-queueing should be sufficient. If you want more complex resource sharing scheme, then you'll need to classify traffic and apply appropriate scheduling policies, in other words configure QoS.

Keep in mind, that you have full control only over traffic going from you towards ISP. But you can only indirectly influence traffic coming from ISP to your network (by dropping it in a hope that TCP will slow down). If you need more precise allocation of bandwidth for incoming traffic you'll need to ask your ISP if they provide QoS.

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Re: Bandwidth Reservation

thanx a lot.

i have 32 public ips, and what i need exactly is to give one of those ips 2M bandwidth.

and the other 31 ips, i really don't care about them.

so i think i need to classify traffic and apply appropriate scheduling (QoS). but first i need to know how to do that :). is there any resources that i can read ???

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Re: Bandwidth Reservation

Thank you

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