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New Member

Basic 2960G configuration question

Hi all,


I'm new to cisco and I have a basic problem:


I have a 4506 switch and a new 2960G that I want to integrate to my network.

I configured the interface (the one that is linked to the 2960G) of my 4506 switch, as follow :

switchport mode trunk ecapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

ip dhcp snooping trust


on the 2960G, I created the mgmt vlan:

interface Vlan10

   ip address

   no ip route-cache

ip default-gateway


and configure the interface that is linked to the 4506:

interface GigabitEthernet0/1

  switchport mode trunk

  ip dhcp snooping trust


However  I'm unable to ping my 2960G (commands like "show cdp neighbors" show that the link is up).

Can you help me ?

thanks in advance for your help.








Is the address

Is the address that is configured on the 4500 for vlan 10 ?   check the masking etc to make sure it matches .   Did you create the layer 2 vlan for vlan 10 on the 2960 ? Verify with the show vlan command on the 2960.  On the 2960 it should show both vlan 1 and vlan 10  if it was created.

New Member

thanks Glen for your quick

thanks Glen for your quick answer.
You help me !
as soon as I created the vlan 10 on the 2960, I was able to ping it.
I didn't create it before because my switch was in vtp client mode.
I thought that the vlan 10 would be automatically created.
Now I have another question:
I'm always in vtp client mode but the following commands show that no vlan was got:

swpf#sho vlan brief

VLAN Name                             Status    Ports
---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------
1    default                          active    Gi0/2, Gi0/3, Gi0/4, Gi0/5, Gi0/6, Gi0/7, Gi0/8, Gi0/9, Gi0/10, Gi0/11, Gi0/12, Gi0/13, Gi0/14, Gi0/15, Gi0/16
                                                Gi0/17, Gi0/18, Gi0/19, Gi0/20, Gi0/21, Gi0/22, Gi0/23, Gi0/24
10  VLAN010                         active    
1002 fddi-default                     act/unsup
1003 token-ring-default               act/unsup
1004 fddinet-default                  act/unsup
1005 trnet-default                    act/unsup
swpf#sh vtp counters
VTP statistics:
Summary advertisements received    : 579
Subset advertisements received     : 291
Request advertisements received    : 0
Summary advertisements transmitted : 0
Subset advertisements transmitted  : 0
Request advertisements transmitted : 291
Number of config revision errors   : 0
Number of config digest errors     : 291
Number of V1 summary errors        : 0

VTP pruning statistics:

Trunk            Join Transmitted Join Received    Summary advts received from
                                                   non-pruning-capable device
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ---------------------------
Gi0/1               0                14598            0        
swpf#sho vtp status  
VTP Version capable             : 1 to 3
VTP version running             : 1
VTP Domain Name                 : abcdef
VTP Pruning Mode                : Disabled
VTP Traps Generation            : Disabled
Device ID                       : b4a4.e348.8a80
Configuration last modified by at 0-0-00 00:00:00

Feature VLAN:
VTP Operating Mode                : Client
Maximum VLANs supported locally   : 255
Number of existing VLANs          : 6
Configuration Revision            : 0
MD5 digest                        : 0xE0 0xDC 0xC5 0xE1 0xFB 0xA0 0xC9 0x29
                                    0x1A 0xCC 0x91 0x0C 0x00 0x8D 0xF8 0x68


Should I have to force the vtp update process ?

thanks again.



New Member

just before closing: I

just before closing: I defined the vtp password and now it works like a charm !


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